Saturday, October 21, 2017

Black Moon Circle

"Black Moon Circle is dedicated to dark psychedelic space rock, driven by a disposition towards prolonged jams..." - Bandcamp


  1. Incredible synchronicity!. I'd never heard of these guys, but had just read a mini-review of Flowing Into the 3rd Dimension, thought it sounded intriguing and had found a site where I could download it. While I'm waiting for the transfer to complete I head on over to Trippy Jam to see what's new. It opens to display the exact same band I'm downloading. I had to retrace my internet steps to see what I'd done to make this happen. I had done nothing of course - just sheer coincidence...

    So thanks for the psychic shock, and thanks for the 2 studio jams which are both currently downloading from here. The music is great - not a saxophone to be herd...

  2. This will do nicely, thanks Earthless. Very much what I'm into.

  3. I didn't knew BMC but thanks to you I do now ! great works

  4. Members of Motorpsycho and Oresund Space Collective, I believe. :)


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