Sunday, May 14, 2017

Cosmic Travelers - Live! (1972)

"Sizzling full steam ahead with razzle dazzle jams that expertly bind together blues, soul, funk and hard driving rock and roll into a single file, the Cosmic Travelers are on fire each and every galloping groove of the way. The interplay between the musicians is absolutely stunning, as they are simultaneously loose and tight. Securely grounded, but raw and spontaneous, the Cosmic Travelers speak the same language, as they swap and blend licks in an impressively telepathic manner. Dripping wet with energy and electricity, “Live! At The Spring Crater Celebration” contains not a speck of down time. A loud and fiery affair, the album is so vivid and exciting that it makes the listener feel as if they’re right onstage with the band..." - It's Psychedelic Baby


  1. Sorry... I might have found this enjoyable if it weren't for the vocals...

  2. Cool - thanks for putting these on my radar

  3. Excellent stuff thanks.
    What a marvellous blog this is. I love stoned out music with long trippy grooves. This site really has all of that.
    Thanks again


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