Wednesday, October 16, 2013

John McLaughlin - Devotion (1970)

"This recording date grew out of sessions Alan Douglas put together, featuring McLaughlin and Larry Young jamming with Jimi Hendrix and Buddy Miles (Billy Rich was the bass player). McLaughlin sounded timid next to Hendrix (none of the material with Hendrix has been officially released), but really comes to life on Devotion. This is arguably one of the finest acid rock albums of all time. McLaughlin is on fire, using fuzzboxes and phasers, over Larry Young's swirling Hammond B-3, with Billy Rich and Buddy Miles as the rock-solid rhythm section. If you think that McLaughlin's solo at the end of "Right Off" (from A Tribute to Jack Johnson) is one of the high points of his career, then this is the album for you...'' - AllMusic


  1. Once again you post something rare and great. Thanks for the hundreds of hours of interesting music, the adding to my enjoyment, the widening of my music palette, your excellent site with its thoroughness, its convenient server, its suggestions, and its easy beautiful layout. What a great treasure trove you have arrayed for us. Thanks!

  2. ithout a doubt an absolute killer effort from the mighty McLaughlin but having said that, this is the most pedestrian he has ever sounded to me and the Hendrix jams where it was said McLaughlin sounded tame, Christ, he was playing an amplified hollow body guitar to the electrified Hendrix..


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