Monday, October 1, 2012

SBB - Jams (1973-1975)

Selection of jams by Polish progressive rock band SBB.


  1. hah SBB i would never expect band from my city

  2. I remember reading about this band in an old issue of the great British music magazine Audion. The review was intriguing, but the one thing that kept me from tracking down their music was that many of the cuts had vocals, and that was pretty close to being a deal breaker for me.

    Now here I find a selection of jams from this nearly forgotten band.

    Absolutely outstanding. And a double CD!! You've amazed me again.

  3. Really cool stuff. The drums are awesome.

  4. Thanks for these great compilations. I've loved SBB for years - got their albums on vinyl from Ultima Thule back in the day - covers all in Polish, completely unintelligable. So sad that they never made it to the UK or US to play (as far as I know) - they could have been big.

  5. I found a self tilted vinyl of this group some weeks ago (same cover as your cd), it's good to hear something else than the two jams on it. Thanks,


  6. Ha! Polish pride! This band is awsome, especially early LPs.


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