Monday, October 1, 2012

Fire! - In the Mouth a Hand (2012)

"The thing with Fire! is that, yes, they’re masters of squealing, Brцtzmann-esque blow-outs, but, above all, they’re fun. Their music is frenetic, but filled with boundless enthusiasm, the trio feeding off one another with obvious, exuberant, glee... Werliin releasing his pent-up energy in a torrent of cymbals and Gustafsson’s notes turning into anguished squeals, the Australian barges his way into the limelight with a molten cascade of feedback, Sonic Youth-style, grappling with his bandmates for space before locking into a krautrock groove with Berthling and Werliin, driving over the horizon of Fire!’s free jazz roots with metronomic precision and the kind of noisy funkiness that defined the best early-seventies German bands such as Neu! and Can..." - The Liminal


  1. Hey this is great!!!! Never heard of them.
    Thanx a lot!

  2. Geweldige Zweedse Band !!!!
    Zij verstaan "De Jam"tenminste nog.


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