Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Entrance Band

"heavy psych gem, a thick low slung bass groove, and ethereal vocals, over chugging guitars, and wild loose drumming, and dense squalls of rad effects heavy shredding, totally drugged out, droney, dreamy psychedelic bliss. The 'verses' woozy and slithery, the melodies spidery, the guitars droney and shimmery, slipping into a stretch of muted chuggery before exploding into some epic, soaring, wah wah guitar driven space-psych shred, the rare sort of jammed out heaviness that we could listen to forever..." - Aquarius Records


  1. Thank you for the album and for the files hoster.

  2. thank you so much, fantastic stuff!

  3. i am embarrassed to say that i was completely unfamiliar with this band until i saw this. still picking my brains up off the floor, especially "hands in the shape of a wave"... wasn't expecting something that beautiful

  4. i only new this music from the duna jam(?) live.

    was looking for the original version a long time ago.
    only find by searching for the lyrics.

    found this blog through youtube.

    very glad


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