Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sylvester Anfang II

"Continuous jamming, during which the band zoned out and unfurled some gorgeous sprawling psychedelic krautrock flecked jams, jams that seemed to gradually evolve into hazy drugged out ragas, all woozy bass lines, simple motorik drumming, wheezing organs, spidery guitars, and soft hazy clouds of effects, everything blurred and smeared into gauzy expanses of minimal ritualistic drift. But the magic of SAII is that for all of their abstract drug rock exploration, they're also masters of freaked out psychedelic space rock blissout..." -  Aquarius Records


  1. The 'latitudes' album - the same cover as The entrance band's album ???

  2. so what's the deal with that latitudes?what does it mean?
    nice post, this band is so great...

    1. Latitudes is a series of limited edition sessions recorded at the legendary Southern Studios in London.


  3. thanks for the SA stuff I don't have. keep it up. free music here:

  4. REALLY hate to complain when I'm getting to hear great unknown free music, but SAII's Latitudes (& AMT's Universe Zen a Zero a Zero) were digitized in the red & are distorted mofos

  5. Thank you so much!!
    It would be nice if you posted some earlier stuff from Silvester Anfang.


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