Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Golden Cup - Vagabond (2012)

Vagabond (2012)

"Three tracks of hazy, stoned drifting psychedelia. The opening track takes up the entirety of side one, a slow-burning improvised trance-like piece with Can-style rhythms, wibbly synths and guitars building up to a frenzied finale. Reminicent of all manner of drugged out early ‘70s kraut-jams there’s an oddly Celtic feel to it. Track two is completely different, opening with a heavily echoed bongo-like sound there is fluttering flute and birdsong. Track three is similar with tribal-ish percussion, droney sitars and wandering psych guitars and a drifting, hazy almost underwater vibe. A three track stormer of semi-improvised, tripped out celestial psych-drone to while away these hazy summer evenings..." - Norman Records


  1. Excellent! English,too,I'm surprised they've not turned up at any festivals yet! They'd go down a treat with the Kozfest/Hawkwinder tribes...

  2. Thanx from a new convert to this music, tired of raves.
    Peace out

  3. thanks earthless


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