Monday, July 2, 2012


"Never make the same album twice - this seems to be the band's motto up to now. So their huge musical output is basically derived from improvisational sessions comprising a thrilling blend of styles in total. Where acid psych folk is the fundament, they often combine this with jazzy respectively canterbury moments reminiscent to Gong/Daevid Allen and Miles Davis. Mostly provided with a trippy atmosphere the albums can be considered as really special. The rich instrumentation includes diverse ethno percussion instruments. Due to the band's experimental attitude they are even sometimes classified as a krautrock outfit..." - Prog Archives

May Blitz - Essen (1970)

Legendary British band May Blitz playing extended psychedelic freakouts live on Essen.

Wind - Wind & Friends (2011)

Wind & Friends (2011)

Norwegian band that fuse improvised jazz with improvised psychedelic rock. Think John Coltrane meets Amon Duul in intense LSD jam.

Vespero & Zone Six - The Split Thing (2012)

Split by astral travellers into long improvised space journey.

The Heads & White Hills - Collisions V.1 (2009)

Split by seeking piece of mind psychonauts.


Selection of live jams by German psychedelic band Vibravoid.

Prisma Circus & Radio Moscow - Crazy Jam (2012)

Live jam battle between masters of retro psychedelic blues.

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