Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Psycho - Live at Viljandi (1976)

"Psycho plays an important role in Estonian prog, and was one of the most aggressive and innovative bands of the day. During its heyday of 1976-77, the band played an aggressive form of instrumental prog with a lot of improvisation, much like the Wetton-era of King Crimson. Many of the tracks were as ambitious as the aforementioned prog kings, such as the ethnically-influenced odd-time wonder “Raja 21/8” and many others. No other Estonian band matched these guys in their improv prowess; rather, not many bands around Europe during those days managed that feat either..." - Last.fm


  1. beutiful post! great band! Thank you!

  2. Okay.… another file expired... I thought this wasn't supposed to happen anymore


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