Friday, April 20, 2012

People of the North - Deep Tissue (2010)

"Started by Kid Millions and Bobby Matador of Oneida, People of the North is an ongoing but sporadic outgrowth of that restlessly experimental Brooklyn assemblage. While there are no clearly defined boundaries separating POTn from Oneida, it might be fair to say that the music tends to be more staunchly devoted to minimalism, repetition, improvisation, and sternness than the wide-ranging efforts of the big brother band. They packaged and unleashed a noisy krautrock behemoth of a jam session in the form of Deep Tissue. Recorded in 2009, it consists of four plodding, hypnotic psychedelic tracks clocking in at around 37 minutes – making it quite the heart-pounding journey. With an obvious penchant for improvisation and the immediate mood, People of the North not only revels in the static charge found in heavy guitar and feedback drenched freak-out moments, but can also be heard mining more pulsing, minimalist territory here. They’re pulling big influence from krautrock innovators Can and Neu! , but there is also a deeper, darker Japanese psych influence here, new and old – Les Rallizes Denudes & Acid Mothers Temple to name a couple. If you’re a fan of any psych, space rock or krautrock, you need to hear this record." -


  1. have from finnish DARK SUN all cds thanks

  2. Sounds cool, thanks for this one!

  3. Hi
    I can't find your contact.
    I think you'll like this band from Porto, Portugal. They just released their first 12".
    Check it out:


  4. Good stuff, they also have an earler record "Steep Formations" but I didn't like that one very much, this one here is good though! I really like Oneida too.

  5. thank you for great music!


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