Friday, April 20, 2012

Hades - Hades (1974)

Groovy progressive rock jams with Jethro Tull style flute by obscure Norwegian band Hades.


  1. Classical groovy tunes. I love it!

  2. W-O-W! I'll Be Damned! I'd NEVER-EVER thought that I'd find an actual Recording of not exagurated labeled "Obscure Progresive Norwegian Band." IF it's the same Band that I'm thinking of, but it just has to be.
    There also was something called The "Troubadour-Club Hades" that had their base in Høvik; a Suburb of Oslo wherein one also find The Henie Onstad Arts-Centre, where none other than SOFT MACHINE had a Concert in the Early 70s (Amongst other Progressive / Avant Garde Acts of The 70s.) which was arranged/Promoted by "The Troubadour-Club Hades";
    seen in the Newspaper-ads and Primitive Makeshift Xerox- Posters as "Troubadour Club Hades Presents:Same".
    My mates and I had a Band going on in the Basement that had size of a Film-Set-Studio, and were hired out as Rehearsal Room for Local Bands that knew sombody connected or working at The Arts Centre. This also was through "Hades" who probably rehearsed there themselves. I have a vague Memory of the guy on the right,but didn't meet the actual "Hades" BAND as I remember.
    This Is Great! Thank You!


    1. I Near forgot That "The Troubadour-Club Hades" acually Grew to Be "The Isle Of Calf Festival", Norway's first Major Rock Festival that had-
      Frank Zappa & Mothers as their first Headliner in 1972. "Isle of Calf-Festival" turned in by 1995, due to an extremely Bad Luck with the Weather, amongst other things, I'll presume.



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