Monday, March 5, 2012

Electric Magma

"Electric Magma formed in 2000 in the tiny hamlet known as Toronto, Canada. Emerging from the ashes of previous musical endeavors, the thunderous trio comprised of Tryg Smith , Tim Reesor and Mario Lunardo forged ahead with their vision of sonic eruption. Halfway up the fuzzed-out sludge ladder, somewhere in between the metal boogie rock of Clutch and the surfed-up stoner rock of Fu Manchu, lies the sound of burning liquid rock. Electrified Magma... While the lack of a singer can be a crippling obstacle for many a lesser band, it has only added fuel to their collective fire and driven their fuzzed-out riff rock into another dimension..." -


1 comment:

  1. Muy buena cancion de ejemplo, la portada no le hace justicia a su musica, tendre que buscar mas de ellos. Muy buen blog, gracias por compartir. Saludos de Mexico.


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