Monday, December 31, 2012


"Joy is the newest, loudest tune meltin' power-trio-trip band to come screaming outta Southern California. Since their formation in 2010 Zachary Oakley (vox, g), Trevor Mast (b), and Taylor Charter (dr) have dialed in a spaced-out-sonic-groove-ride all their own. Their live shows conjure musical spirits of the past in the form of improv-jams and unapologetic volumes and wild stage energy. Fans of Blue Cheer, Cream, Jimi, acid and freestyle-psych take note..." - ReverbNation

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Camera - Radiate! (2012)

"Camera are a current krautrock outfit, apparently with predilection for performing impromptu shows in public locations, and this is their debut. A 3-piece based in Berlin, Camera are modern-day upholders of the krautrock aesthetic, heavily influenced by both Neu! and Harmonia especially. And in fact, they've earned the blessing of their heroes, having played live in collaboration with Michael Rother (Neu!, Harmonia, etc.) and Dieter Moebius (Cluster, Harmonia, etc.). This debut recording features eight tracks of live-in-the-studio, semi-improvised, mostly instrumental jams that indeed "radiate" the classic krautrock vibe. Krautrock fans will for sure hear echoes of a lot of the greats: Neu!, Can, Cluster, Tangerine Dream, Harmonia, Agitation Free, La Dusseldorf, etc. And anyone into other kraut-loving bands of today, like Circle, Cave, Wooden Shjips, and Hills among 'em, should check this out forthwith..." - Aquarius Records

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mantric Muse

"If you are into music based on a totally free and non-restrictive approach you could choose to spend a few hours with the new untitled CD from the Danish band Mantric Muse. All the songs on the CD are made from a large catalogue of jams, which have been mapped, dissected and then re-created into parts. The different parts have afterwards been rearranged towards whole songs. Hereby, the base and the structures of the songs avoid most formal rules and fixed concepts (except the overall concept of organizing jams). The band tries to maintain the special freshness - the here and now - of the jams in the songs, so listeners can sense the present vibe of the original jams in the songs. Normally Mantric Muse describes their music as music for neural travelling, and potentially the songs, which are all instrumental and also quite long, crafts a short break from the everyday life. Recommended för fans of ÖRESUND SPACE COLLECTIVE, OZRIC TENTACLES, VESPERO..." - Transubstans Records

Friday, December 28, 2012


"Troldmand are four guys from Copenhagen who like drinking beer, listening to records and playing loud rock music. Each friday they meet up and do all three." - SoundCloud

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Harsh Toke

Selection of jams by US heavy psychedelic band Harsh Toke.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Yatha Sidhra - A Meditation Mass (1974)

A Meditation Mass (1974)

"The first intention was to create a dreamy musical landscape where the Moog synth, the flute & traditional "percussive" instruments play an important part. Seen as a concept album, "A Meditation Mass" is almost exclusively instrumental. A long suite divided in two themes with two variations for each one. A beautiful and ecstatic musical journey. Their sound oscillates between "pastoral" folk music, spacey rock with the addition of discreet jazzy accents..." - Prog Archives

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cosmic Wheels - Cosmic Wheels (2009)

Cosmic Wheels (2009)

Talented US band that plays tasty jammy heavy blues in best traditions of 70s psychedelia.

Pappo's Blues - Jams (1971-1978)

Selection of jams by Argentine psychedelic blues band Pappo's Blues.

SBB - Jams (1973-1975)

Selection of jams by Polish progressive rock band SBB.

Ra Can Row - Ra Can Row (1982)

"An instrumental band from the USA that predates the space-rock boom of the early 90ies. Built around guitars, throbbing bass lines and a solid drum drive, moog synths and electronics, enrich with a spatial feel four lengthy improvised spacerock jams, strongly reminding the experimental side of DJAM KARET. Through most of the album RA CAN ROW move from rhythmic space jams to slow moving, multi-layered, out-there rock. Absolutely mindblowing music from start to finish." -

Pyramidion - Hail! Pyramidion! (2010)

“Five headed druid jam band from glasgow the portal to your cosmic place is rainbow bionic man... these guys are total rockers. Its difficult to know exactly what there gonna sound like cus its all jammed out, but expect music along the lines of acid fried fuzz drenched psych and krautrock boogie... Glasgow’s answer to the likes of Ash Ra Temple and Amon Duul II, made up of various heavy hitters in the Scottish experimental scene with members of Boom Edan, Moon Unit, Scrim, Cheer, Lanterns. Expect tantric vibrations, whale calls and a thunderous rhythm section through some full on psych explorations. A rare chance to catch this supergroup in full effect jaja..." - Pyramidion

Cosmic Circus Music - Wiesbaden (1972)

Blissful live improvised kosmische music in vein of krautrock bands Ash Ra Tempel and The Cosmic Jokers.

Fire! - In the Mouth a Hand (2012)

"The thing with Fire! is that, yes, they’re masters of squealing, Brцtzmann-esque blow-outs, but, above all, they’re fun. Their music is frenetic, but filled with boundless enthusiasm, the trio feeding off one another with obvious, exuberant, glee... Werliin releasing his pent-up energy in a torrent of cymbals and Gustafsson’s notes turning into anguished squeals, the Australian barges his way into the limelight with a molten cascade of feedback, Sonic Youth-style, grappling with his bandmates for space before locking into a krautrock groove with Berthling and Werliin, driving over the horizon of Fire!’s free jazz roots with metronomic precision and the kind of noisy funkiness that defined the best early-seventies German bands such as Neu! and Can..." - The Liminal

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Entrance Band

"heavy psych gem, a thick low slung bass groove, and ethereal vocals, over chugging guitars, and wild loose drumming, and dense squalls of rad effects heavy shredding, totally drugged out, droney, dreamy psychedelic bliss. The 'verses' woozy and slithery, the melodies spidery, the guitars droney and shimmery, slipping into a stretch of muted chuggery before exploding into some epic, soaring, wah wah guitar driven space-psych shred, the rare sort of jammed out heaviness that we could listen to forever..." - Aquarius Records

Wo Fat - Jams (2007-2012)

Selection of jams by US heavy psychedelic band Wo Fat.

Shocking Fuzz - Shocking Fuzz (2012)

Obscure Earthless inspired band with obsession of playing long psychedelic jams.

Tame Impala - 30 Mins With Mathew Saville (2010)

30 minute live jam by Australian psychedelic band Tame Impala.

Sylvester Anfang II

"Continuous jamming, during which the band zoned out and unfurled some gorgeous sprawling psychedelic krautrock flecked jams, jams that seemed to gradually evolve into hazy drugged out ragas, all woozy bass lines, simple motorik drumming, wheezing organs, spidery guitars, and soft hazy clouds of effects, everything blurred and smeared into gauzy expanses of minimal ritualistic drift. But the magic of SAII is that for all of their abstract drug rock exploration, they're also masters of freaked out psychedelic space rock blissout..." -  Aquarius Records


"Our music has a structure which is simpler than it’s used to be in jazz, instead we pay more attention to tones and moods. It’s predominantly improvised music what we’re doing. Even most of the themes and determined parts are originally based on improvisation. We broaden the common range of tone colours by using sometimes a rather strong electronic alienation of guitar, flute or saxophone. According to our experience our music is well appreciated by both jazz and rock fans since each of them can find sufficient elements of their preferred style respectively..." - Long Hair Music

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sula Bassana - Dark Days (2012)

"Entire record is instrumental... Guitar is really psychedelic and the extended guitar improvisation is just awesome and reminds me a bit of older Bevis Frond, both catchy and psychedelic... Spaced out… Surrealistic Journey is just over 20 minutes long and begins slowly and features Pablo on the drums. It begins with some really spaced out organ playing and guitar that builds up slowly, a bit like Electric Orange... It starts off with a really freaked out guitar and bass before a riff starts to develop. This sounds a lot like the jams that Electric Moon play these days until the mellotron like sound kicks in and totally changes the mood. I love the way this track flows from the heavy to mellotron parts. Damn cool. Bright Nights is another 10min space out that starts with delay guitar, organ and a simple drum beat but develops into a heavy Electric Moon style psychedelic trip..." - Scott's Music Reviews

Sons of Otis - Jams (1999-2012)

Selection of jams by Canadian psychedelic metal band Sons of Otis.

Lumerians - Transmissions From Telos Vol. IV (2012)

"Flip it and things get bongier still with a monolithic bit of echoey cosmic synth frippery slicing out huge great yawning voids in your headspace. It’s fully astral, with only the slightest hints of melody to cling onto as they dive headlong into a psychedelic otherworld, eventually joined by distant drum grooves and wailing guitars which drift in and out disconcertingly over metallic grating drones before the rhythm section really starts getting its groove on. Once they do it’s reminiscent of Can once again, but after a while of that the grooves get overtaken by dark ambient static rumbles, which ease down to hisses and whooshes accompanied by metronomic two-note bass, which gradually gets enveloped by slowly developing Moondog-esque polyrhythms to finish. Impressive drug jams throughout..." - Norman Records

Tommy Bolin - Live at Ebbets Field (1974)

"Bolin is know by way too few guitarists and rock fans out there. His playing is simply put, phenomenally versatile and flat-out fun. It seems Bolin never took himself too seriously, easily throwing down the blues, rocking out with the best Hendrixian riffs of his day, and even playing Gomez-styled jazz rock fusion... This recording catches Bolin doing it all, having a blast, and laying down the jams he loved, in the raw, full of Bolin energy and his crazy way with an axe. Bolin’s Echoplex effect screamin’ into an infinity of feedback-looped, echoes before suddenly collapsing upon themselves into abrupt silence is strangely apropos..." - All About Jazz

Stepping Out - Another Concert Somewhere (1969)

Intense psychedelic blues jams by obscure Danish band Stepping Out.

Laddio Bolocko

"It was very intuitive. A lot of it came just out of jamming. Purely improvised jamming. We were starting to realize, listening back to the improvisations, that they were a lot more fun and a lot more interesting to listen to when we found an idea, hung onto it and played it out... We had developed our own compositional/improvisational language together. I think that was one of the real special things about the band, it came from very organic origins because it was really just spawned from playing... from listening to each other and having that intuitiveness..." - Hawaiian Lost Archive

Golden Cup - Vagabond (2012)

Vagabond (2012)

"Three tracks of hazy, stoned drifting psychedelia. The opening track takes up the entirety of side one, a slow-burning improvised trance-like piece with Can-style rhythms, wibbly synths and guitars building up to a frenzied finale. Reminicent of all manner of drugged out early ‘70s kraut-jams there’s an oddly Celtic feel to it. Track two is completely different, opening with a heavily echoed bongo-like sound there is fluttering flute and birdsong. Track three is similar with tribal-ish percussion, droney sitars and wandering psych guitars and a drifting, hazy almost underwater vibe. A three track stormer of semi-improvised, tripped out celestial psych-drone to while away these hazy summer evenings..." - Norman Records

Monday, July 2, 2012


"Never make the same album twice - this seems to be the band's motto up to now. So their huge musical output is basically derived from improvisational sessions comprising a thrilling blend of styles in total. Where acid psych folk is the fundament, they often combine this with jazzy respectively canterbury moments reminiscent to Gong/Daevid Allen and Miles Davis. Mostly provided with a trippy atmosphere the albums can be considered as really special. The rich instrumentation includes diverse ethno percussion instruments. Due to the band's experimental attitude they are even sometimes classified as a krautrock outfit..." - Prog Archives

May Blitz - Essen (1970)

Legendary British band May Blitz playing extended psychedelic freakouts live on Essen.

Wind - Wind & Friends (2011)

Wind & Friends (2011)

Norwegian band that fuse improvised jazz with improvised psychedelic rock. Think John Coltrane meets Amon Duul in intense LSD jam.

Vespero & Zone Six - The Split Thing (2012)

Split by astral travellers into long improvised space journey.

The Heads & White Hills - Collisions V.1 (2009)

Split by seeking piece of mind psychonauts.


Selection of live jams by German psychedelic band Vibravoid.

Prisma Circus & Radio Moscow - Crazy Jam (2012)

Live jam battle between masters of retro psychedelic blues.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Het Droste Effect

"Het Droste Effect from Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Tracks ranging from repetitive robotrock to calm ambient to psychedelic kraut and space rock, infused with field recordings and special guests on bass, moog, vibraphonette, saxophone and monotron. Inspired by many great bands from the past and the present, Hermann (guitar/engineer) & Thompson (drums/percussion) set out to create a sound of their own. Het Droste Effect go on to have a jazz-inspired jam that fuses influences from the extended freestyle freeform funtimes of bands like the Grateful Dead." -

Brujas del Sol

"Brujas del Sol is an instrumental 3-piece from Colombus, Ohio.They make “music that makes people dance, bang their heads and plug their ears”. This band plays absolutely stunning psychedelic/desert rock filled with atmosphere & hypnotic grooves (think Causa Sui, 35007, Ten East, Yawning Man, Wooden Shjips)." -

Heavy Blanket - Heavy Blanket (2012)

Album consisting of “blistering psych-drenched instrumental blues jams from J Mascis and his stoner buddies”.

Cargo - Cargo (1972)

Cargo (1972)

Intense heavy psychedelic jams by criminally underrated Dutch band Cargo.

Man - Jams (1972-1975)

Selection of jams by British band Man known for mixing progressive rock with psychedelia and blues in improvisational manner.

Erna Schmidt - Live (1969-1971)

"Erna Schmidt were living near the village of Wintrup in a country house even before it also became the home of Kraan. They were a very popular live band, well-known for their incredibly long improvisations in the Cream and Hendrix vein. Some tracks would last up to three quarters of an hour, for on stage they were usually stoned, jamming away in a frenzy, often together with guest musicians. Some good-quality recordings of these gigs survived and were used for putting together Live ‘69-71." -

Psycho - Live at Viljandi (1976)

"Psycho plays an important role in Estonian prog, and was one of the most aggressive and innovative bands of the day. During its heyday of 1976-77, the band played an aggressive form of instrumental prog with a lot of improvisation, much like the Wetton-era of King Crimson. Many of the tracks were as ambitious as the aforementioned prog kings, such as the ethnically-influenced odd-time wonder “Raja 21/8” and many others. No other Estonian band matched these guys in their improv prowess; rather, not many bands around Europe during those days managed that feat either..." -

Friday, April 20, 2012

People of the North - Deep Tissue (2010)

"Started by Kid Millions and Bobby Matador of Oneida, People of the North is an ongoing but sporadic outgrowth of that restlessly experimental Brooklyn assemblage. While there are no clearly defined boundaries separating POTn from Oneida, it might be fair to say that the music tends to be more staunchly devoted to minimalism, repetition, improvisation, and sternness than the wide-ranging efforts of the big brother band. They packaged and unleashed a noisy krautrock behemoth of a jam session in the form of Deep Tissue. Recorded in 2009, it consists of four plodding, hypnotic psychedelic tracks clocking in at around 37 minutes – making it quite the heart-pounding journey. With an obvious penchant for improvisation and the immediate mood, People of the North not only revels in the static charge found in heavy guitar and feedback drenched freak-out moments, but can also be heard mining more pulsing, minimalist territory here. They’re pulling big influence from krautrock innovators Can and Neu! , but there is also a deeper, darker Japanese psych influence here, new and old – Les Rallizes Denudes & Acid Mothers Temple to name a couple. If you’re a fan of any psych, space rock or krautrock, you need to hear this record." -

Koolaid (Global Tyranny) - Koolaid (Global Tyranny) (2011)

"The weirdest of the bunch, groovy, and almost funky, thick steel string strum, all wreathed in psychedelic guitar noise, laced with some weird samples, drug related of course. All wound into a sound noisy and weirdly tripped out. Totally drugged out hypnotic space rock . The band set up a groove, usually super simple and minimal, spaced out and krautrocky, and then over the top, they basically let loose, a barrage of samples, all twisted up and layered and doused in effects, some looped rhythmically, others slowed down and sped up, and on top of that sheets of strange drones and whirs, clouds of swooping echo and delay, all manner of backwards melodies. The musical part slipping easily from minimal hushed lope, to pounding wah wah guitar drenched Stooges-y psychedelic stomp, to buzzy raga, to dirgey almost Butthole Surfers sounding drug rock, but again, it’s what’s going on all around it, which is like a symphony of malfunctioning samplers gone haywire." -

Sadistic Candle - Live Improvisation (2011)

"Sadistic Candle (Barrett Avner) is some demonic sourcing, kick-out-the-fuzz-and-beam-into-the-internal/eternal-zone jams. Sadistic Candle is straight from the heart of a man, broadcast from an expanse of quilted bedroom somewhere deep in Los Angeles, fueled with the dust hanging motionless in window-light over a stack of Hawkwind LPs, made crooked by the pure-hearted trickster, sighing with troubadour spirit, revealed with a 4-track. A statement of purpose." -

Wight - Jams (2011-2012)

Selection of chillin' desert jams by German heavy psychedelic band Wight.

Bluebird - Black Presence (2002)

Smooth stoner rock jams with ambient edge.

Hades - Hades (1974)

Groovy progressive rock jams with Jethro Tull style flute by obscure Norwegian band Hades.


"Xhol Caravan, known first as Soul Caravan and later as simply Xhol, was one of the first bands participating in the launch of the Krautrock movement in Germany in the late 1960s. Their music draws from varied influences and fuses rhythm and blues and free jazz with a psychedelic rock sensibility... The live recordings include improvisational pieces stretching in some cases well beyond 25 minutes in length..." - Wikipedia

Monday, March 5, 2012


"Rhyton is a band that features Dave Shuford (No Neck Blues Band), D. Charles Speer, Jimy SeiTang (Psychic Ills), and Spencer Herbst (Messages, Matta Llama) improvising their way through fields of psychedelic rock. Rhyton pours out a sonic libation unto the liberated world. Waveforms ring out, alternately frozen and blazing, wrenched from an improvisational method..." -

Bardo Pond & Carlton Melton - Split (2011)

Split from 2 giants of underground improvised psychedelia.

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