Thursday, December 1, 2011

Twin Tail

"Twin Tail is a three piece improvisational, instrumental band. Made up of drums, bass and violin, they bring something of a unique sound to the table. Violinist Yuji Katsui uses the same set of floating, delayed and syrupy effects as sgt's Mikiko Narui. The sound is so similar as to make one wonder if there isn't some sort of conspiracy going on amongst post-rock instrumental bands in Japan. It's obvious from the start that Twin Tail is all about improv and jamming out thorough extended passages. Their songs build (very) slowly, with tempos stretching and breathing along with the intensity of the music. There are really no "songs" or hooks per se. Yuji plays his violin like a screaming, psychedelic guitar more like a blissed-out solo from Jimi Hendrix than any sort of classical piece, while drummer Tatsuya Nakamura and bassist Toshiyuki Terui pound out a trance-like tribal backdrop." -



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