Thursday, December 1, 2011


"Elephant9 is a Norwegian jazz/prog rock band. Their music sounds like a modern take on 70's prog and hard rock, with clear influences from Miles Davis. Their live shows are said to be stunning. Classic Hammond driven prog fusion and great big real deal analogue instrumental pieces on a direct line from somewhere in 1974. Flowing jazz flavoured progressive rock pieces that feel like well considered structured focused jams. Well focused is a relative term, they’re not afraid of a long piece (or two) of healthy prog rock self indulgence, a self assured style, tight accomplished musicians who just let it all naturally flow rather then feeling any kind of need to show off how good they are. Thrilling ride through the glories of organ driven 70’s sounding jazzy prog rock, bits of funk, Deep Purple sounding hard rock jams, and more notes that you can reasonable expect to be coming at you none stop in such a gloriously good way..." -



  1. To start off apologies... find it hard to listen to all the great music let alone commment when I work 7days a week at least 10hours per day. So the 5hours of tunes might get stretch over a couple weeks. These ablums are fantastic! Improve in the classic jazz sense! you deff hear the miles/coltrain free influence and enuf analog gear to give it a great vintage feel. Alot of good artist from norway really seem dig davis and coltrain

  2. some of the very best, most ferocious and at times, sublime jamming ever heard.

  3. ...would be great to see their live recording from the BBC up here.


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