Friday, December 30, 2011

Ektroverde - Ukkossalama (2003)

"Ektroverde is an offshoot of Circle, the musicians change as constantly as the ideas expressed musically in this band. An eclectic combination of krautrock, post-rock, space rock and free-form jazz, Ektroverde is marked by it’s long, hypnotic jams and it’s use of homemade electronica - the UFOX air humidifier theremin, vacuum cleaner synth, breadbox guitar amp, and a collection of modular oscillators and such. Think of The Young Gods mingling with the Lotus Eaters, Hawkwind, Los Natas, Colour Haze and the Velvet Underground with a bit of Bootsy Collins bass here and there for good measure. A highly recommended listening experience." -


  1. thankx for this post!
    1st time i leave a comment, even if i'm a regular visitor. These Finnish are great, and the album you chose is bloody marvellous, as everything else by Circle, Pharao Overlord, etc
    thanks for your unvaluable work

  2. True that!

    I always had big respect for finnish musics.,
    you made me love them even more, by posting bands sucs as "Temples"


  3. Excellent! Listening to it now,first thing
    i'veplayed this week that's not Kozfest related....The Circle tribe surprise me yet again! :-)


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