Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dire Wolves

"Dire Wolves, currently based in Pittsburgh PA, has a loose membership which often includes Jeffrey Alexander (Black Forest/Black Sea,Avarus, Secret Eye Records), Matt McDowell (Sagas, Dark Yoga, ArcoFlute Foundation), Ian Bonnet, Jennifer Myers, Dan Letson, Davide Manbeard Lifrieri, Joshua Kretzmann and Kenny "K-Doh" Donut. Dudes are on an endless trip of burned-out guitar riffs, stoned basslines, wasted vocals howling at the moon…fuck, I wanna jam! In the back-wash of Fennario, the black and bloody mire/the dire wolf collects his due while the boys sing round the fire." - Last.fm


  1. great psych jam vibes, nice use of noise not to abrasive just good atmosphere

  2. Most excellent! Just listening to Jams,came back for The Creator....Very spacey stuff,reminds me a bit of Faust 'n' the Dead....Like!!


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