Saturday, October 8, 2011

Expo '70

"Expo 70 is an impressively transcendant rockin' electronic project formed by sound manipulator and guitarist Justin Wright. All albums provide extended minimal soundscapes dominated by slow moving fuzzed out guitars, loops and electronic treatments. The aesthetism of the band is at the cross section of Phill Niblock's deep monotonous dronescapes, kraut-rockin's austere-meditative tones (German Oak, GAM, Zweisten) and Robert Fripp / Richard Pinhas propulsive atonal guitar leads. Gorgeous tripped out stuff. Hybrid-fusional rockin experience." - Prog Archives



  1. Thanks for this - just a fragment of Mr Wright's enormous output, all of which is worth hearing if you're into drone, drone rock, noise drone, kraut drone or in fact drone of any kind.

  2. thanks so much. this is taking me into galaxies

  3. Hey mate,i love your blog.
    Expo 70 is a great band,long trippy


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