Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Residual Echoes

"The Residual Echoes were formed by Adam Payne after he moved to Santa Cruz and met the encouraging forces of Ethan Miller (Comets on Fire) and Ben Chasny (Six Organs of Admittance). They have blossomed into one of that city’s finest groups. Their sound is a vibrant collage of everything that has ever happened in music, all deftly manipulated and manicured by Mr. Payne into some of the most farfreaking-out jams ever heard..." - Last.fm


"Led by guitarist Matthew Bower, the highly prolific Skullflower boasted the largest cult following of the bunch, with a sound based on sludgy, Black Sabbath-style riffs overlaid with feedback, fuzzed-out guitar noise, and throttling rhythms, all played at an ungodly volume. Always an improvisational outfit, their textured noise freak-outs grew increasingly free-form over the course of their career, moving farther and farther away from even loose definitions of "rock." Skullflower claimed a broad range of influences in addition to the aforementioned Sabbath: heavy psychedelia (Blue Cheer, et al.), Krautrock, classical avant-gardists (John Cage, Steve Reich, Terry Riley), early industrial music (Throbbing Gristle, Einstürzende Neubauten, Whitehouse), and noise rockers from the American indie world (Sonic Youth, Big Black, the Butthole Surfers)..." - AllMusic


Slow improvised stoner doom played by finnish group. Think if Sons of Otis made jamming central part of their music. Massive heavy riffs flavored with psychedelic solos.

Cary Grace

"Cary Grace composes, produces and performs music, which is strongly related to the classic British psychedelic progressive rock sound... On her records she sings, and plays both guitar and vintage synthesizers. With her collaborators she creates moody music with strong composed melodies and lyrics, and also providing space for free cosmic jammings. The melodic side of her music could be compared to early 1970's Pink Floyd, and the sound of analogue synthesizers in the improvisational sequences has little similar feeling as some of the Hawkwind records have..." - Prog Archives

Drahk von Trip

"DRAHK VON TRIP is a six piece band from Malmö, Sweden, performing progressive psychedelic acid rock. This is strongly influenced by 70’s prog and spacerock with female vocals, featuring ethnic sounds, blended with expressive lyrics. The music and lyrics create various moods and a suggestive feeling, often built up through a soft and floating shape into an intensely wild and chaotic state. The process of creating the music together starts with free form jams..." - Last.fm

Mighty Baby - Live in the Attic (1971)

"UK act MIGHTY BABY was formed in 1968, featuring several members of the newly disbanded outfit The Action... In later years archival concert recordings have surfaced from time to time, capturing a band keen on improvisation while performing live..." - Prog Archives

Strange - Raw Power (1976)

"Strange is a psychedelic rock band from the 1960s from Orlando, Florida led by Terry R. Brooks. Terry is one of those guitarists who have made the solo his life goal, just like Randy Holden, Jimi Hendrix, Wilburn Burnchette, but not out of narcissism or anything like it just because the instinct of guitar genius allows them, when the muse strikes to improvise and create incredibly personal and unrepeatable weaving of sounds..." - Last.fm

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rävjunk - The Freaky Guitar Album (1976-1979)

I can't believe this Sweden band from 70s. They started as proggy proto-punk and later switched to space acid jamming reminiscent of Earthless. Overall sound beyond any words and so much ahead of that time. Amazing psychedelic improvisational journey to outer space.

Thirsty Moon - I'll Be Back (1975)

Bootleg of 1975 concert recorded in Bremen. Unlike studio albums band decided to play chillin' psych kraut jams with jazz flavour.

Pärson Sound - Pärson Sound (1968)

"Before to become TRÄD, GRÄS OCH STENAR, this late 60's Swedish musical collective were first known under the name PÄRSON SOUND and then as INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER. They only published one album with the original formation. This band can easily define the Sweden's krautrock sound. Not so far from ÄLGARNAS TRÄDGÅRD and CHARLIE & ESDSOR... A brilliant psych album with buzzing drone-ragas and cavernous free rock improvisations." - Prog Archives

Kickbit Information - Bitkicks (1975)

"Pure krautrock gravy from the loins of some of its finest architects, the hairy jazz rock blowout herein being choice enough to even overlook the gristly and distorted warts-and-all recording quality of these never-intended-for-release rehearsal room recordings. Led by Ex-Guru Guru and future Spacebox bassist Uli Trepte, this briefly assembled outfit (which also featured Frumpy’s Carsten Bohn and Thirsty Moon’s Willi Pape) churn out three slabs of classic kraut fusion here in the rawboned and hectic style that Trepte would soon carry forward with Spacebox." - Last.fm

Group 1850

"This Dutch group was one of the earliest Continental European progressive rock bands... Acid rock elements are clearly present in their first albums from the end of 1960's, and PINK FLOYD's "Saucerful of Secrets" album has surely been an innovator for them, like to so many other spaced out groups. Their music isn't an exact copy of their innovator's sound though, as there is a wide spectrum of different styles merged to the band's music in custom of psychedelia's artistic freedom. The overall feeling of the band's early music is nonrelaxed but not very aggressive, probably pleasing the fans of music describings a cosmic journey within one's mind... Their mostly instrumental music grew to a larger scope containing strong musical elements..." - Prog Archives

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Radar Men from the Moon

"RMFTM is an instrumental space/post/stoner rock band from the Netherlands. Hailling from the ashes of their former stoner rock band Boners Inc., they use mindblowing guitar riffs and grooving rhythm sections to explore the unknown boundries of space." - Last.fm

Summer Bacchanalia - Volume II (2011)

Modern stoner with lo-fi qualily sound that let me think about lost record of some heavy psychedelic band from 70's jamming in garage. Retro psych worshippers will certainly like this.

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