Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Red Octopus - LSDemon (2010)

"Travellin’ down the long, open road of musical open-ness, Red Octopus freely structures their tunes with an inter-ordinary mold of electric, near-drowning bass and guitar, framed around lead-filled, powerfull drumming. The trio currently are uniquely stamping their trade as a surly band of psych-cultivators, while carousing carelessly in the new up-coming underground psychedelic-rock scene. Early Sabbath is surely a no-miss influence amongst Spencer(dr), Bill(b) and Gabe(gtr), however 70’s kraut rock outfit, Can, is guaranteed a taste Red Octopus uses to fancy their heavy-psych palette. They sound as if warlord legends, Hawkwind were spiritually lending inspiration, while UK kings, Budgie tends to fight through the riffs to aid in ear-splitting shredliness. Having opened for like-minded bands, Earthless and Astra, Red Octopus is genuinely a band who wants nothing other than to perform live and nothing short of slowing down." - Last.fm



  1. Wow, these guys could give Earthless a run for their money. Thanks for the share.
    I have a blog where I occasionally post tape rips from the UK free festival psychedelic underground scene of the 1980s and 1990s - it may appeal to readers here.
    If you would allow me to post the link -

  2. I used to think that I was the master of pyschedelic jams - then I accidentally landed on your blog. My knowledge of bands like Guru Guru,Popol Vuh,Ash Ra Tempel,Pierre Moerlin's Gong and all of Nick Saloman's band incarnations pales in comparison to what I've seen and heard here. Much of this stuff is totally foreign to me. Red Octupus?

    My hat is off to the real master. Bravo.

  3. Hi guys, very nice to meet you. Please, where can i buy their albums. Thanks

  4. Here's where you can buy this album


  5. thank you Gabe, i hoped to find it as a lp or a cd somewhere in the world, maybe you have, but download it should be a good start


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