Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Re-Stoned

"The Moscow-based instrumental power-trio THE RE-STONED is usually associated with the local “stoner rock” scene, not because their music can only be appreciated by inveterate weedeaters but because of its heavily fuzzed sound and reliance on muscular riffing in golden 70’s style. Ilya Lipkin (guitars), Vladimir Nikulin (bass) and Andrei Pankratov (drums) leans on a combination of bluesy guitar-drenched textures and spacy, almost psychedelic jam-meandering trips, but the most important thing is their great skill at creating melodies so that you get really caught without any vocal hooks. This one is a great thing, whether you are “stoned”, “re-stoned” or not. Riffing is the essential of each song, but the band are not shredders of the simple boogie rock power of raw. Classic rock, blues-rock, traditional doom and stoner enthusiasts, and everyone else who appreciates original and challenging hard-rock music will like THE RE-STONED..." - Last.fm



  1. U sir, are mf king of all kings! Thanks a lot for the download links! :) I was looking everywhere for em babys.

  2. Great place,Thanks for these,luv finding places like this...Cheers [img]http://www.getsmile.com/emoticons/smileys-91853/g0/beer.gif[/img]

  3. Thanks for sharing these albums. This is an awesome band and amazing stoner.

  4. Jeeeeezus you are nice, thanks so much for the DL-links! the re-stoned is so cosmic and niiiiiiiice

  5. Awesome post man. Thanks a lot for sharing The Re-Stoned. One of the masterpiece Stoner/Psychedelic metal bands out there.


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