Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pink Fairies - Finland Freakout (1971)

"The first European excursion for The Pink Fairies saw them blowing amps, money and minds at the three-day Ruisrock Festival in Turku, Northern Finland in 1971. Recorded by the state radio station, the three-piece, now without Twink, consisted of Russell Hunter on drums, Paul Rudolph on guitar and vocals, and Duncan Sanderson on bass. Unleashing heavy, acid-drenched jams on the audience, beginning with a blistering attack on The Beatles’ psych classic Tomorrow Never Knows, the Fairies must have blown away the opposition – Juicy Lucy, Jeff Beck, Canned Heat and Fairport Convention – with sheer force..." -


  1. Thanks for this - never heard it before .... really dirty, filthy jamming - nice one!

  2. Hell yeah man! Jam or die!

  3. oh my! thanks a lot!!!!!! i allready thought its lost!
    happy dayz:)!


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