Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lighted - Queendom (2011)

"A strange poisonous gas has been leaking steadily into the basement, and it seems to have created a new toxic variety of mold that makes the hippies get violent. Hailing from Minneapolis MN, Lighted lay down aggressive synth squelch and circular diatonic guitar-scuzz over dead solid trap-kit booms and trance inducing zoner fuzz. Grimy biker-rock moves (ala Hawkwind sans fantasy gouda) combine with slamming rhythms and epic kraut-drones to create killer tracks of contemporary white knuckle psychedelia. When the smoke clears, the fingerboard is splintered and the power strip is shooting sparks. Their releases capture live improvisations. Heavily psychedelic and totally groovy." -


  1. awesome. do you know of anything else be lighted? struggling to find anything..


  3. they are fantastic.
    does somebody find more?


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