Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Brian Ellis Group

"Brian Ellis is a multi-instrumentalist from San Diego, CA, best known for his work as lead guitarist in the psych/prog band ASTRA. Having very little time for a proper rehearsal, the decision was made to play completely improvised sets, heavily influenced by early 70s fusion from Miles Davis, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Tony Williams, Soft Machine and Magma, the afro beat rhythms of Nigerian legends Fela Kuti and Tony Allen, as well as the intensity of heavy modern jam bands like Earthless and Acid Mothers Tempel. The result is a unique, forward-thinking blending of sounds that is virtually unheard of from modern bands, paying homage to it’s influences while never being derivative." - Last.fm



  1. Hi... This is Brian Ellis. Could you please provide a link to my bandcamp page here http://brianellis.bandcamp.com ? Thanks... also, I thought you might find it interesting that I recorded the Red Octopus LSDemon album at my home studio

  2. Hello, Brian! I already put bandcamp link. Yes, I know Red Octopus recorded at your studio but what I posted not actually that album. That's collection of tracks I could find. I couldn't find LSDemon, I don't even know tracklist to this album.

  3. I was at that Casbah show in July and the B.E.G. were smokin'. *Almost* made up for driving from OC and not seeing Astra, who we'd been wanting to see for literally a couple years and was supposed to play that nite, but apparently one of them was sick... Made the drive again to attempt to see Astra about a month later at Til Two club and got half a set, due to opening bands who are now on my shit list for playing way too long. What a crime. Maybe someday will finally get to experience Astra live in full epic glory. Looking forward to the new record.

    Thanks to Brian and the group for stepping in that nite at the Casbah. Earthless rocked it that nite too, with tuff SD girls down in front keeping up with the boys just fine. The old school psychedelic visuals took the entire experience to another level. Definitely a fun night of amazingly killer music.

  4. That's great to be stoned on concert with Brian Ellis Group and Earthless jamming. I envy you.


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