Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midnite Snake - Midnite Snake (2004)

"Riding the brink of the stoned rock revolution skates the new heroes of thee electric guitar mayhem, Midnite Snake. Bearded and dirty, Midnite Snake is a Pittsburgh power trio that plays instrumental acid rock until death does part. Members are Alexei Plotnicov electric guitar, Jim Lingo electric bass, Paul Quattrone (Modey Lemon greatness) drums and Fog Hog on electric fog." - Last.fm



  1. Oh, thanks, I was missing the 2004 album! \m/

  2. Thanks! Just heard these guys today, and they sound great! John

  3. Hmmmm... a Pittsburgh power trio with 4 heads and 4 names - I guess they count differently in the Iron City...


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