Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Da Captain Trips - Da Captain Trips (2010)

"The name of the band is a tribute to the Stephen King’s saga “The Dark Tower”, the best fantasy story ever written. The Captain Trips is a powerful kind of flu that kill millions of people in the story…they don’t want to kill anybody…they only like how the name sounds… The songs are composed rigorously during the jam sessions, every practice is recorded so the best of every session is taken and elaborated. They always improvise during their shows and every show is recorded too, so listening to it, they can feel how the songs change, depending on the different places, different public and different atmosphere. The influences are too many to be mentioned…from the 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock to many instrumental bands of yesterday and today..." - Last.fm



  1. Not to sound like a dick, and I could be wrong, but I think Captain Trips was from the Stand. I don't ever remember it being mentioned in the dark tower. Regardless, Excellent blog!

  2. Hi!! I'm Riccardo from Da Captain Trips.
    The Dark Tower is a saga of 7 books ..it's very psychedelic in my opinion and the characters travel through many different dimensions.
    One of that dimension is the stand's dimension!!!
    In the dark Tower saga you can find many reference to the king's stories.
    Thanks to post our jam here!!!!if you want to listen to a new song download the compilatio ten ton noize http://www.noizeitalia.com/index.asp?pag=speciali2&id=59

  3. Ricardo, will definately check that compilation. continue great work on jamming

  4. men, soo awesome band........an amaizing album, soo powerfull and tripy.....cheers

  5. Hi guys! Da Captain Trips are out now with a brand new mind blowind record! chack our bandcamp page http://dacaptaintrips.bandcamp.com/



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