Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Midnite Snake - Midnite Snake (2004)

"Riding the brink of the stoned rock revolution skates the new heroes of thee electric guitar mayhem, Midnite Snake. Bearded and dirty, Midnite Snake is a Pittsburgh power trio that plays instrumental acid rock until death does part. Members are Alexei Plotnicov electric guitar, Jim Lingo electric bass, Paul Quattrone (Modey Lemon greatness) drums and Fog Hog on electric fog." - Last.fm

Kraftwerk - K4 (1971)

A live rarity from the early days of Kraftwerk with Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger so basically we get mix of Kraftwerk and Neu! Whole album consisting of long distorted heavy krautrock jams with doom mood ala Black Sabbath.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush - Real LIVE! (2004)

Underrated guitar god Frank Marino at his best captured his raw energetic style of soloing and covering Voodoo Chile and Red House of Jimi Hendrix. Orgasmic improvisational guitar journey into deep space.

Eddie Hazel - Rest in P (1994)

Compilation of previously unreleased jams. Some of these jams with different titles were also featured on the Jams From the Heart and were included as bonus tracks on reissue of Game, Dames and Guitar Thangs.

Ten Years After - Live at the Fillmore East (1970)

Superb live album by British bluesmen. Songs often shift to jams so we can enjoy great guitar work of Alvin Lee.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Toad - Open Fire (1972)

Most energetic live album of Swiss hard rockers Toad. Tons of killer guitar solos from Vic Vergeat and stunning covers of Jimi Hendrix songs Red House and Who Knows. Recorded in Basel.

Friedhof - Friedhof (1971)

"Ultra rare 1971 German underground heavy psych guitar jam in the JPT Scare Band vein. Wild basement wah fuzz guitar blasters." - Last.fm

Free Action Inc. - Plays Eddy Korsche Rock & Blues (1970)

Obscure Italian band with crazy Hammond and psychedelic blues guitar. It sounds like massive boogie freakout.

The Psycheground Group - Psycheground (1970)

"A sweet psychedelic set, but one with very mysterious origins -- originally recorded as a sound library session, by a group that was really the better-known Nuova Idea! The album's definitely got a vibe that fits its sound library roots -- all instrumental, with a bit less bravado than most psyche albums of this type -- almost more of a focus on the rhythms, which stretch out strongly amidst the Hammond and guitar solos on the set..." - Last.fm

Cannabis India - SWF Session (1973)

"Pure instrumental organ rock that many ELP fans quietly wished their favorite band would indulge more in. No deep lyrics, gonzo improvisations or lovelorn ballads here, just three hungry players with a taste for this new sound in popular music..." - Last.fm

London Underground - Honey Drops (2010)

Very cool prog album of instrumental covers played in improvisational manner. It sounds like Deep Purple became organ-oriented. Lots of Hammond drive and fun.

Endless Boogie

"Meet Endless Boogie, the best-kept secret in New York’s rock scene. They have the best name (taken from John Lee Hooker’s 1971 album), the best onstage vibe and the best head-nodding jams. In a sea of derivative and freshly outfitted young bands, Endless Boogie — with a combined age of 169 and members who count Canned Heat as one of their influences — doesn’t have a big agenda. They just want to rock with you, preferably all night long. “We try boogie sometimes, but boogie’s hard,” says guitarist Jesper Eklow (aka “The Governor”) self-effacingly. “Boogie takes skill and we haven’t honed those skills yet.” The band’s sound is a meltdown of metal, psychedelic and classic rock with a heavy dose of riffage, a kick-ass beat and super-cryptic lyrics..." - Last.fm

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lunar Dunes

"They’ve obviously digested everything from Parliament & Funkadelic to Black Sabbath and the entire output of Can and Neu!, but what they’ve managed to do is take all of that, mix it together and cook up the best tasting jam sandwich you’ve had in years. Guys, this is one hell of a trip..." - Last.fm

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Da Captain Trips - Da Captain Trips (2010)

"The name of the band is a tribute to the Stephen King’s saga “The Dark Tower”, the best fantasy story ever written. The Captain Trips is a powerful kind of flu that kill millions of people in the story…they don’t want to kill anybody…they only like how the name sounds… The songs are composed rigorously during the jam sessions, every practice is recorded so the best of every session is taken and elaborated. They always improvise during their shows and every show is recorded too, so listening to it, they can feel how the songs change, depending on the different places, different public and different atmosphere. The influences are too many to be mentioned…from the 60’s-70’s psychedelic rock to many instrumental bands of yesterday and today..." - Last.fm

Amplifier - Fractal (2011)

"Fractal was recorded mostly at night during the sessions that formed The Octopus. It is a purely improvised record. In the spirit of this we have left it raw and uncorrected..." - Bandcamp

Anjo Gabriel - O Culto Secreto do Anjo Gabriel (2010)

"Angel Gabriel is commonly referred to in religious communities as a “divine messenger” or a “messenger of God.” Maybe the religious implications of this name were on the mind Anjo Gabriel when the South American’s first formed. Either way, you can not help feeling that this is used as a metaphor by the progressive jam band, as a way of transporting their psychedelic rock teachings to the rest of the world. The Brazilian’s krautrock-inspired sound, dilutes acid guitar swooshes, which are at times, incredibly chaotic, as they interweave through space and time. The self-proclaimed ‘psychedelic messengers’ of South American rock will spread their teachings far and wide." - Last.fm

Oresund Space Collective

"The Øresund Space Collective (OSC) had their first jamsession in April 2004, encouraged by longtime spacerock-fanatic Scott Heller; aka Dr. Space. The collective is a group of Danish, Swedish and American musicians that get together as often as possible for free form improvised cosmic music. The flavour of the music is different with each session. The stretched out jams can often combine complex interplay between guitar and synthesizer as well intense drumming and bass playing. Sometimes chaotic, sometimes melodic but most of the time funky and cosmic! We enter into the genre of funk, jazz, reggae, kraut, stoner, folk, world, electronica and space rock ( and probably some others) as we improvise our way along. The jam sessions alternate between Malmö and København across the Øresund bridge, which connects Denmark & Sweden..." - Last.fm

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