Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zone Six

"The members of ZONE SIX have one intention - to play improvised music... Recommended to fans of trippy, psych and kraut improvised rock music..." - Prog Archives


  1. Very cool! Thanks brother...

  2. thanks alot !!!

  3. Hello trippy jam freaks!

    If you like our music please buy the CDs and LPs (and shirts...) in our shop! Please support us! We like to go on with our sound!
    (we deliver worldwide for fair prices)
    Zone Six, Electric Moon, Sula Bassana...

  4. much thanks for the fast re-up. you rock. and i love this band. your pal the deadman.

  5. As one of the people who requested the re-up I feel I should post some initial comments...

    I've only gotten partway through Rsychedelic Scriptures. Track 1 starts out with everything I hope for from this kind of music - swirling synths, exotic sounding electric guitar (is that a sitar?) and a competent rhythm section. But after about 3 and a half minutes it just loses any head of steam it'd developed and drifts off into 10 plus minutes of aimless, uninteresting noodling.

    Just my opinion.

    Track 2, Pipedream, which is as far as I've gotten - while nothing in it seems to hit the heights of the opening of Extremadura, there seems to be less of that unfocused-ness that mar the last 2 thirds of that track (although Pipedreams does take its time to get going). Unfortunately I don't hear much of the psychedelic guitar that was so prominent in track 1.

  6. I also requested the re-up,already had Live Wired,which I love...Any Noise Intended was a very competent first effort,I think,although it looses its way a bit at the end,which is a shame,it would have been brilliant otherwise....As for Psychedelic Scripture,well,Bo,I couldn't disgree more! Best of the bunch,methinx! :-) Left it downloading,as I had a lift to a foraging field,listened to it later that night in a swirl of smokes 'n' fungi and cant stop playing it since! A real gem....Anyone else heard the new Live at Sulatron Label Night yet? Scored it at Kozfest,when i met Dave 'n' Lulu,its the reason I requested the re-up,similar approach to Scripture but its LIVE.....Cant stop playing that either!


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