Friday, April 15, 2011

Khmury - Live in Avant (2010)

"Instrumental set than soon yields to a decelerating passage than recalls the Twin Peaks theme, deliberately or not, lightly enough that it owns the musical passage but also with enough atmosphere to put you straight into the surreal headspace of Lynch's pine forests complete with a chilly tension... swirl, pummel, soar and pound past in a pretty triumphant mix of post-rock and a range of harder stuff that feels good to bang your head into... sound of an overdriven  amp and the most guttural Sabbath worshipping punishment capable of being dealt out by the band, with more of that savage lead guitar work crawling and scrawling across it's face... hyperblast cosmic carnage, taking in some classic rock riffs, fills and some bad-ass basslines, all captured crystal clear off the desk and synched to perfection.." -


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