Monday, April 25, 2011

Jesus With Me - Jesus With Me (2002)

"Somewhere in the late 90’s 4 Russians met in NYC and formed this jam group for the higher spirit, following the road and/or spirits of Amon Düül I, Faust, High Rise, Keiji Haino and Ya Ho Wha 13. And the music indeed has the mad fuzz, bass, noise wall psychedelic extremeness of some Japanese psych (Acid Temple, High Rise, White Heaven, some of Haino’s groups), and some spiritual musical breakthrough with the music focus of YaHoWha 13, some slightly chaotic trippy patterns of Amon Düül I, mixed with an improvisational focus of the more advanced experimental Kraut in general. The guitars are penetrating in its improvising towards the infinite, with fuzz noise that keeps up the trippy effect, while the bass is almost swimming while moving-mountains-wise, with the drum in a freeformed slamming mania..." -



  1. Awesome! America needs more of this type of brain frying psych. Shit is too polite these days!!



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