Thursday, March 31, 2011

High Speed & the Afflicted Man - Get Stoned Ezy (1982)

"Too freaked out for punks, too punked out for freaks, ‘Get Stoned Ezy’ is a bloodbath of pedal stomping carnage..." -


  1. Thanks for this - very, very good!

  2. thanks! 1982 wow probably the only band rocking out that year

  3. if you can get past the head scratching vocals, the music is amazing, especially the killerguitar extravaganzia.......psychedelic man, nice who ever you are... ...but again and I hate to have to repeat it, but the vocals?..seriously I don't get it just me? its like the very drunk JIm Morrison trying to jam with Hendrix
    but I'm probably being too bitchy about it but shit dude, learn the fucking songs...


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