Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High Rise

"Psychedelic acid rock-band from Japan. High Rise is an explosive power trio comprised of bassist/vocalist asahito nanjo (南条麻人), guitarist Munehiro Narita, and a succession of drummers that has included Yuro Ujiie and Pill in the past and free-improv veteran Shoji Hano at present. High Rise mixes the jazz-influenced improvising of Cream with the brutal amphetamine-inspired rock of Blue Cheer. Narita is one of rock’s unsung guitar players, and his dexterous fingering incites eruptions of pure electric joy in his listeners. The other players are equally stunning in their total commitment to this high energy music that features the freedom of jazz and the power of rock..." -



  1. These guys make a fantastic noise - great stuff and better still, some albums I do not have - thanks.

  2. Amazing blog mate, great band and many thanks.

  3. Thanks very much! A few HR albums I still didn't have.


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