Friday, February 11, 2011

Sonic Flower - Sonic Flower (2003)

"A side project of Japanese Band Church of Misery. Formed in Tokyo, their music is a mixture of psychadelic groove, funk, and doom metal. Music influenced by Cactus, Grand Funk Railroad, Mountain, Sir Load Baltimore, Captain Beyond, Meaters, Graham Central Station, Funkadelic..." -



  1. Hey there this is a really good music. Do you have any contact address? There is some band I want you to hear. Sorry for the bad English. Greetings from Indonesia. Lookin forward to your reply,thanks

  2. Thanks! Feel free to recommend on comments or shoutbox.

  3. dude you're a life saver! i have been searching everywhere for a download link, do have a good link to the heads? that's a sick band


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