Friday, February 4, 2011


"Monkey3 are a psychedelic rock band from Lausanne, Switzerland, that is similar in style to bands like Beaver, latter day Celestial Season, Pink Floyd and especially 35007. They rely on hypnotic riffs and repetitive nature of music. In live situation this is all enhanced by light shows and by projecting images and snippets from movies on to the stage or a backdrop." -



  1. seen these guys @ Roadburn a couple of years ago i think... and they were AWESOME!!!

  2. I envy you: you're living in Netherlands with no restrictions to soft drugs and where Roadburn fest goes every year. Damn, I was born in wrong place :)

  3. Don't worry earthless, many of us is living in dark hole. Good thing is that yankee internet police don't touch your blog : ) Peace!

  4. Seen this guys yesterday in Oporto and congratulations for the new album !!
    Great gig


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