Sunday, January 9, 2011


"TITAN are a quartet from New York. They started out as an improvised stoner rock band, but years later they got interested and influenced by 70's progressive rock... Their sound is like a time machine into the 70's filled with jams, freak outs, bombastic organs, motorik bass lines and fuzzed guitars... The band draws influences from many 70's prog acts unlike most stoner rock or retro bands that focus more on the hard rock bands from that era. Bands like HAWKWIND, MAHAVISHNU ORCHESTRA, ASH RA TEMPLE, CAN, COMUS, NEU!, PINK FLOYD, IRON BUTTERFLY, RUSH, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE and BLUE CHEER are some of their biggest influences..." - Prog Archives


  1. The A Raining Sun of Light and Love, For You and You and You (2007) and the Pilzmarmelade (2006) albums links are dead. If you can re up them I will be greatfull! Thanks

  2. That's an hommage to YES, Tales. "for you and you and you" ;-)


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