Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tia Carrera

"... music that takes the listener on a major drug trip. The opiate daze in the guitar lines, the sedative drift of the drum rolls, and the tranquilizing haze of the bass wells all ring with stoner rock keys and a flying kite-like carpet ride. The band has been compared to Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath but they have a Southern rock intonation in their chord ruminations more aligned with the Allman Brothers, The Grateful Dead, and Widespread Panic..." -



  1. Oh man, thank you very much for this amazing psychedelic recopilation, all of your blog!!!!!!

  2. Tia Carrera is AWESOME! right behind Earthless in my humble opinion. Love Jason Morale's guitar playing! Thank you Earthless for making this great music available on here. Please keep it coming. Much appreciated!

  3. I love you man! hahaha! thanks! :)

  4. absolutely stunning band, thanxx for let me know them..
    But the link of the first album, the november sessions, is expired or missing...
    i know, maybe they weren0t mature yet, but since the other stuff is amazing, we deserve to hear this too...!!!!
    can you please re activate the link??

    thanxx for you excellent work!!


  5. listening to the guitar brilliance of Jason Morales is absolutely an altered state, an encyclopedia of hard psychedelic guitar mastery...can this guy scorch.........but, as with a lot of improvised music you will be required to sit through some distracting grocery list moments...but this is good for you, you should will make you a better person...forgives your sins...


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