Tuesday, January 11, 2011

THTX - The Flickering Sky (2009)

"Partially inviting other musicians THTX is a duo project basically formed by guitarist Matthew Smith and percussionist Kerry Gluckman - a jam band with roots in psychedelic and space rock. Both are interested in other genres too which is noticeable here and there. They first met in 2001 at a party in Detroit, soon started to jam together and subsequently recorded a series of eight CDR's. Their sessions were starting without any preconditions - it is said that even no discussions about the musical direction are allowed. The result manifests in space jams predominantly - but there are avantgarde styled songs too with free jazz leanings where multi-instrumentalist Matthew Smith also plays trumpet, organ and bass... THTX is recommended to fans of rough unpolished spaced out jam music..." - Prog Archives



  1. Great blog! Saw your comment @ Wine Women and Song, then just happened to come here when I searched for this fine band. Good luck in your endeavors, I look forward to checking your musical tastes out!


  2. Your blog is so freakingly awesome! thanks so much for ur work, its so much appreciated!


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