Monday, January 10, 2011

Sesiones Ácidas - Espacio Negativo (2008)

"We are a collective and independent non profit record label. Our only goal is to shake consciences with sonic artifacts of psychedelic nature. Our releases will be the result of the collaboration between musicians in the one and only moment: a musical blast. Our first release is “Sesiones Ácidas – Espacio Negativo”. This time the musicians who got together are members of such recognized outfits like ORTHODOX, VIAJE A 800 and MATER DRONIC: Marco (Orthodox) on bass, both David (Viaje A 800) and Borja (Orthodox) on the double drumset and J.C. Sisto (Mater Dronic) on guitar. The outcome is almost sixty minutes of improvised sonic mayhem in the best heavy psych tradition." - MySpace


  1. This has got to be one of the best and most mindbending jamming albums on this blog (posted so far anyway) - all the musicians lock together beautifully. Thanks.

  2. Hi Earthless... Thanks so much for exposing us to such a great collection of bands! I've spent a bundle because of it... Could you possibly re-up this album? The track is amazing but unfortunately, the link is toast. Many thanks!


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