Friday, January 14, 2011

Melting Euphoria - Upon the Solar Winds (1995)

"It's less known about this band although MELTING EUPHORIA is often considered as one of the space rock flagships. Formed in San Francisco by keyboardist Don Falcone, England-native Anthony 'Forti' Budziszewski (bass) and Mychael Merrill (drums) they started with the album 'Through The Strands Of Time' (1994) - avant-garde oriented, forced by spacey synthesizer and tribal drumming... MELTING EUPHORIA moved on with guitarist DeFM and new keyboard/synthesizer collaborators evolving the psych/space fundament. At an interval of one year they released album for album and improved their significant style based on a melodic cosmic trippy sound enriched with a lot of synthesizer goodies..." - Prog Archives


  1. brilliant blog! thx for puttiing me onto some new vibes ^^

  2. thx for kind words! I'm going to post a lot of rare gems ;)

  3. I used to work with Anthony. He told me about stealing Dave Brock's beer when they toured with Hawkwind. Blast from the past for certain.

  4. If you didn't know it you'd think this lot were European - so spacey, but then they are from SF so perhaps it's not so surprising. They are great anyway. I have their 1st album as well as this one and now I want to track down the rest (3 I think). Many thanks as always.


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