Monday, January 10, 2011

Manthra Dei - Manthra Dei (2010)

Manthra Dei are an Italian band. These guys love to jam, mix up Allman Brothers Band with Black Sabbath and you get a feel for what “Der Waldgung” is about. “The Mute Machine” is a far-out psychedelic tribute to Jimi Hendrix, with his influences explored throughout the song with the Band Of Gypsys‘ “Machine Gun” used as the song’s theme. No vocals whatsoever, just pure guitar-driven rock with different textures and tempos every two minutes. Everything is aligned just right, guitar solos communicate with each other as the bass and drums lock things down. Light up the lava lamp and the prime weekend week, and soak up the sounds.

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  1. Actually I had made a post about Manthra Dei at the beginning of December 2010, with many infos translated (as these guys are from my birth town). Unfortunately now the Swamp is closed.
    If you want to get the text of that post for the infos, just drop me a line via e-mail.


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