Monday, January 10, 2011

The :Egocentrics

"The music is an intense, heavy epic build-up of spacey structures and timbre explorations with a solid back-bone, slightly "metallic". In order to balance this side of the music, a dynamic quality coming from tendencies towards improvisation, ambient and jazz provides relief and flavour. A lot of genres tags can be invoked, such as stoner rock, psychedelic rock, post-metal and jam band, but the best way to describe the range of influences and similarities of the superb and eclectic musical bouquet would be to quote the bands confessed interest in MOTORPSYCHO, CAUSA SUI, COLOUR HAZE, BRANT BJORK, JIMI HENDRIX, 35007, MONKEY3, CAPTAIN BEYOND, CAMEL, KING CRIMSON or NEUROSIS..." - Prog Archives


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