Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Cosmic Jokers

"The COSMIC JOKERS is an extreme musical trip, a unique adventure throw time and space. The music is for a large part improvised with proto-electronic gadgets combined to bluesy & spacey musical sentences built around the talented Manuel Gottsching's electric guitar style (always spacey and bluesy). This is real German acid music, a 'music of paradise', transcending music, breaking of the materialistic world, a protest against the reality..." - Prog Archives


  1. thanks man! I think currently I'm going to expend my musical horizon: for a year from now I started to listen to psychedelic music, like the big ones (Pink Floyd etc.). But thank's to guys like you I get in touch with new stuff and I'm definitly going to buy it (if I like it - and YES I LIKE IT!!!)

  2. Hi, Your blog is very good and very awesome, and I like so much. Thanks.

    Edson - Brasil

  3. I couldn't imagine i'd find them to you know how moch their original releases cost? This is fucking awesome blog, thanks mate!!! Real shit!!!


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