Thursday, January 13, 2011

Causa Sui

"This is free music – all written, shaped, played and produced by the band during 9 months of isolation. Imagine the furious haze of manic Hendrix and Blue Cheer jamming with a young Iggy Pop, recorded and seamlessly layered by krautrockers Can. It’s untamed music picked up from the late 60s, not looking back at zeitgeists and other limitations, picking up different trails on the way, wrapped in a complex, but soundwise warm and simple jacket..." -



  1. Excellent, many thanks.

  2. i'm a big fan of the causa sui and their music, but this last album is one big disappointment for me...

  3. Great band, sir. Thank you for this awesome stuff!

  4. You deserve heaven, man. You have opened up a new world of music for me, as Colombus. I can't thank you enough. Daniel

  5. Thanks for sharing this great band. Now i can download the 2011 sessions.
    Greetings from Uruguay.


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