Sunday, January 23, 2011

Ash Ra Tempel

"One of the most formidable of the German Krautrock groups, ASH RA TEMPEL were a powerful force led by guitarist Manuel GÖTTSCHING, and also included former TANGERINE DREAM drummer Klaus SCHULZE at various points. Their music is very spacy and psychedelic, in the manner popularized by early HAWKWIND and AMON DÜÜL II. The early albums all had basically one track a side, one more powerful and dramatic, the other of a more atmospheric nature. Their albums are all classics; those with Klaus SCHULZE ("Ash Ra Tempel" and "Join Inn") are the best. ASH RA TEMPEL's first release is a classic of the space/cosmic genre..." - Prog Archives


  1. Yeah! I was searching since a long time...your the best dude! Thanks!

  2. Thanks a lot, but Ash Ra Temple Join Inn (1973)was dead.
    Have a good day.

  3. "File does not exist on this server" (Join Inn) :(

  4. Join Inn here

  5. Join Inn here


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