Friday, January 14, 2011


"As a three-piece outfit by John-Paul 'Popey' Caligiuri (drums, voices), Carlo Iacovino (guitars), and Dan McNamara (bass), AHKMED were born in Melbourne, Australia in 1998. With the special mission to spread their fuzzy and swirling space rock over the world, they got influenced by diverse heavy-psych styles and bands - Space Rock (Hawkwind), Heavy/Stoner Metal (Kyuss, Black Sabbath), Post Rock (Mogwai), Garage Punk (The Stooges, Hellacopters), Alternative Rock (Fu Manchu), etc. - and tried to push their original mellow and ambient soundscapes in front of the foundation. Exploring their capabilities through releasing 3 EPs and a compilation, they at last came into bloom with the debut album 'Distance' in 2009." - Prog Archives


  1. Stirring stuff that demands to be played loud and all in one complete listen.

  2. The "Distance - 2009" link it's broken , please Gods from Tripjam fix it...please :(

  3. I need this album!, please upload it.

  4. If you NEED it that bad, you could always buy it! Small bands like this with talent shouldn't be burdened with having boxes of unsold cds under their bed for the rest of their lives. Nothing wrong with previewing through a free download, but if you like it enough and the band aren't millionaires already, put your money where your mouth is good people ;-)


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